Tobias Trütsch

Tobias Trütsch

Tobias Trütsch

Managing Director FSI-HSG
Büro MF52-6100
Unterer Graben 21
9000 St Gallen
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Main Focuses
  • economics of payment
  • payment behavior
  • usage of cash
  • mobile payment
  • monetary economics
  • payment instruments
  • Economics
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
Fields of research
  • payment behaviour
  • innovative payment instruments
  • money demand
  • payment economics

MSc in Economics, University of Berne 

University of St. Gallen, Doctoral Program in International Affairs and Political Economy (DIA), Focus: Economics

Professional Career

Center for Financial Services Innovation (FSI-HSG), University of St.Gallen

  • Managing Director
  • Senior Research Consultant

Executive School (ES-HSG), Universität St. Gallen 

  • Program director of the two executive education programs «CAS Weiterbildung für Politik» with focus on economics, leadership, communication and negotation
  • Program director of the «Executive Program» designed for the Lower Austrian People’s Party (Volkspartei)
  • Preparing academic publications (e.g. studies, reports, advisory mandates)
  • Supervision of academic term papers (general and executive education)
  • Communication Manager Switzerland of the «Global Competitiveness Report» initiated by the World Economic Forum (WEF): Conducting the executive opinion survey 
Teaching Activities

Universität St. Gallen

  • Lecturer for Economics
  • Lecturer «Introduction to Economics»
  • Lecturer «Microeconomics II» (till 2014)
  • Supervision and evaluation of different group exercises on executive education level (EMBA, EMBE, WfP-HSG, Inhouse Programs regarding the economic simulation model «SwissSim»
  • Swiss Payment Monitor - How do Swiss people pay?
    Analysis of the individual payment behaviour in Switzerland and of attitudes towards innovative payment instruments
  • Swiss Payment Behaviour Lab: Payment behaviour during the corona pandemic
  • Swiss Money Map Monitor: Spatial analysis of the distribution of ATMs and bank branches in Switzerland 
  • The Costs of Point-of-Sale Payments in Switzerland
    • What are the overall economic costs of individual means of payment?
    • How high are the costs of individual means of payment for relevant stakeholders?


Affiliations Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics
  • Best Paper Award at the Prague 12th International Academic Conderence
  • Journal Best Paper Award for the WBI Journal International Review of Business Research Papers
Additional Information

Payment expert, expert for means of payment, payment economist  

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